Collection: August

Book puppy yoga tickets for August 2024. Puppy Yoga provides a unique experience to boost serotonin levels and reduce stress. Experience 15 minutes meeting the pups, 30 minutes of relaxing yoga, followed by 15 minutes of playtime. Puppy Yoga is perfect for beginners and experienced yogis alike! Our qualified teachers will lead you through 30 minutes of gentle poses designed to relax and stretch your body. Each class is tailored to the abilities and needs of the participants for a personalised experience. All attending puppies are vaccinated and over 8 weeks old. We strictly refrain from mixing litters from different households, and we warmly welcome the mother to join the sessions. All classes are located in Manchester City Centre, only ticket holders will be emailed the exact location. Participants must be 16+ - book your tickets now to experience this canine-filled event!