• Vizsla Breeder

    As a licensed breeder and avid supporter of the well-being of animals, I wanted to take a moment to express my appreciation for Puppy Yoga. It offers a unique opportunity for socialisation and connection. It's heartwarming to witness the bonds that form between participants and the puppies. From a breeder's perspective, Puppy Yoga has proven to be an invaluable tool in socialising and exposing puppies to different people, environments, and stimuli. It helps foster healthy relationships with humans, promoting their overall development and ensuring they grow into well-adjusted adult dogs. Paw Yoga's commitment to the welfare of the puppies shines through. The positive impact it has had on the well-being of humans and puppies alike cannot be overstated. I wholeheartedly recommend Puppy Yoga to anyone seeking a transformative and uplifting practice.

  • Pug Breeder

    We attended Paw Yoga in January 2023 and what a wonderful experience it was! The social skills the puppies gained from this experience have been invaluable. The puppies were so calm and relaxed during the yoga. Paw Yoga provided fresh water, sleeping areas and toys for the puppies to access at all times, no pressure was given to the puppies other than to have a happy time and meet new people. The puppies didn’t attend a yoga class until they had their vaccinations and the yoga studio was clean and tidy, one of the best puppy yoga experiences we have had. Once the puppies had gone to their forever homes, all of the owners commented on how confident their new puppy was and I believe it was all down to puppy yoga. Paw Yoga ensured the puppies welfare at all times and they are fantastic at what they do!

  • Cockapoo Breeder

    We have worked with the Paw Yoga team for a number of classes and we literally count the days until we can come back. Our puppies are well looked after, fresh toys, fresh water, a safe place provided. The venues are always immaculate and the staff are constantly cleaning and assisting with the puppies during the class. The professionalism, the love and passion for puppies at Paw Yoga has doesn’t go unnoticed. The staff are all knowledgeable, and genuinely adore our puppies. I only work with Paw Yoga as I trust them 100%. They put the welfare of the puppies as their upmost priority and the classes are ran perfectly, organised and professionally.