Class Information

Join us for an hour of complete happiness and relaxation, whilst being surrounded by the cutest puppies! All tickets must be bought in advance as we have a strict 2:1 human to dog ratio so that everyone has plenty of time to play and cuddle with our furry friends. All event information including the venue will be emailed at least 48 hours before the class. Prior to participating in our classes, all guests are required to complete and sign a waiver acknowledging that any mishandling or inappropriate conduct towards the puppies will not be tolerated. We maintain a zero-tolerance policy in this regard, and individuals found in violation will be promptly asked to leave the premises.

Yoga for everyone

Our fully qualified yoga teachers will guide you through 30 minutes of gentle stretches and poses. Our classes are aimed at all abilities, so not to worry if you’ve never done yoga before! If you have any injuries or concerns, please discuss these with the yoga teacher before the class starts. If you are pregnant, you are welcome to join our classes but please talk to the instructor about your pregnancy before starting any yoga.


Puppy Yoga has so many benefits beyond just making you smile and feeling all fuzzy inside. We are passionate about mental health and wellbeing and aim to make each class as relaxing as possible. Both yoga and being around puppies has been proven to reduce stress and improve mental health and well-being. By spending time with the puppies our dopamine and serotonin levels can be increased. These “feel good” chemicals our brains release can improve our overall mood and happiness.


Ensuring the well-being of the puppies is our utmost priority. In every class there will be Canine First Aid Trained staff. All attending puppies are vaccinated and of appropriate age. We strictly refrain from mixing litters from different households, and we warmly welcome the mother to join the sessions. Our exclusive collaboration is limited to trusted and ethical breeders, ensuring that the puppies originate from nurturing homes. Each class spans one hour, and at the end of every event, the puppies go home with their owners. Throughout the sessions, the puppies are provided with sustenance, water, and their own comfortable resting space, such as a bed or blanket if they choose to nap. Adhering to the highest hygiene standards, we diligently sanitise all equipment with pet-safe disinfectants after each use. The puppies are not fully toilet trained so there may be a few accidents during the session. In the occurrence of an accident one of our staff members will clean this up immediately with ANIGENE High Level Disinfectant which is compliant with UK regulations and DEFRA-approved. Recognising the significance of playtime in puppies' socialisation and overall development, our Paw Yoga sessions enable them to acclimate to human interaction before they find their forever homes. It is important to note that Paw Yoga does not engage in the sale of animals.