Class Information

Join us for an hour of complete happiness and relaxation, whilst being surrounded by the cutest puppies! Each class is one hour long and consists of 30 minutes of yoga with a litter of puppies roaming freely and 30 minutes of puppy cuddles.
All tickets must be bought in advance as we a have strict policy on how many attendees can join each class dependant on the size of the puppy litter. All event information including the venue will be emailed at least 48 hours before the class. Please note, you will only need your booking name/ email confirmation to gain entry into the session.

Yoga for everyone

Our fully qualified yoga teachers will guide you through 30 minutes of gentle stretches and poses. Our classes are aimed at all abilities, so not to worry if you’ve never done yoga before! If you have any injuries or concerns, please discuss these with the yoga teacher before the class starts.


Puppy Yoga has so many benefits beyond just making you smile and feeling all fuzzy inside. We are passionate about mental health and wellbeing and aim to make each class as relaxing as possible. Both yoga and spending time with puppies has been proven to reduce stress and improve mental health and wellbeing. By spending time with the puppies our dopamine, oxytocin and serotonin levels can be increased. These “feel good” chemicals our brains release can improve our overall mood and happiness.


Not only do our attendees benefit from all the cuddles and playtime, but the puppies will gain lots of valuable socialisation experience. Puppies need their playtime as an essential part of their socialising and development, so by joining in with Paw Yoga the puppies get used to being around humans before they are adopted. We only work with trusted ethical breeders whose litters come from loving homes. At the end of each class the puppies go back to their owners.

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Bunny Yoga

Bunny Yoga

Join us for some hopping fun with a cute group of kits.

Kitten Yoga

Kitten Yoga

Come along and meet some seriously cuddly cats.

Sausage dog yoga

Sausage Dogs

Do some downward-facing dogs with Dachshunds. 

Dog Yoga

BYO Dog Yoga

Bring your own dogs to our social classes. Small dogs only.