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Puppy Yoga 26th June Dachshunds

Puppy Yoga 26th June Dachshunds

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Get your downward dog on with Dachshund puppies on Wednesday 26th June. Suitable for all skill levels, our certified instructor will lead you through 30 minutes of gentle yoga poses. The class includes 15 minutes of playtime with the puppies, 30 minutes of yoga, and 15 minutes of snuggles and photo opportunities. All attending puppies are vaccinated and at least 8 weeks old. Secure your spot today!

Class Information

Each class is one hour long and consists of 15 minutes puppy playtime, 30 minutes of yoga with the litter roaming freely and a final 15 minutes for cuddles.


All classes will be held in Manchester City Centre. As the venue may change from class to class, ticket-holders will be emailed the exact location via email before the day.


All ticket sales are final and non-refundable. You must be aged 16+ to attend our classes. The puppies' health and safety is our main priority and therefore the type of breed is subject to change last minute if appropriate. 

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