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Puppy Yoga 19th March Staffies

Puppy Yoga 19th March Staffies

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Join us on the 19th March for Manchester's most adorable puppy yoga event! Unwind at our one-hour classes with 15 minutes of meeting the pups, 30 minutes of yoga, followed by a final 15 minutes of playtime with our litter of vaccinated, 8-week-old staffy puppies. Don't miss this fur-tastic opportunity to relax and bond with these furry friends!

Class Information

Each class is one hour long and consists of 30 minutes of yoga with a litter roaming freely and 30 minutes of cuddles.


All classes will be held in Manchester City Centre. As the venue may change from class to class, ticket-holders will be emailed the exact location via email before the day.


All ticket sales are final and non-refundable. You must be aged 16+ to attend our classes.

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